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I'm forwarding this reply to the list at the request of another listmember.
I am not serious enough to talk to PES yet, but it might be worth their
while to adapt the kit to the 12V.  Of course, I have no idea what
difficulty might be involved, but I can't imagine it would be more difficult
than the 30V kit, and there are a lot more 12V engines floating around which
give them a larger potential market.

Samuel W. Clough
Invesco Retirement Plan Services

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> Clough, Sam wrote:
> > Scott,
> > One listmember thought only the 30V, but I thought it would fit the 12V
> and
> > the 30V.  As I understand it, the cars are identical except for the
> heads,
> > anyway.  I would suggest checking out A4.org and if they don't say, get
> the
> > company's number and give them a call.  I'm trying to convince my wife
> our
> > 12V A6 needs the kit :).
>  Physical fit onto the 12v engine wouldn't be the problem. The computer is
> the
> problem. The 30v and 12v engine computers are completely different, and I
> don't think PES has a modification for the 12v engine computer that would
> allow it to run with the supercharger.
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