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RE: Got my Euro Lights and Harness - Have a couple questions

Glen Powell asked:

>Do the custom harnesses include the connector/bootie to mate to the
>connector on the headlights and to provide a weathertight seal? (the

Unfortunately not.  Next time I order from Linda they will be on the
list.  I saved a previous post that has the part number though brought
to the list courtesy of Peter Henriksen.  Below is a direct cut from
hiw writeup on installing lights in his 200.

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 274K Miles

P.S.  I'll soon be belting out Johnny Nash "I can see clearly now":)

    2 rubber boots (seals) to go around the Euro connectors (PN 447941189,
    2 plastic connector holders (PN 447972957, $6/side)
    8 spade connectors (PN N-0170851-4, $1.50/per!!!)