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Re: Mis-shipping Parts, WHY???

Chris Covington [SMTP:malth@umich.edu]
> I bought 3 weeks ago.  The car is sweet!
>> I haven't been into Audis for that long, but thanks to my friend from 
home> who's father owns Shokan Audi

Maybe, this guy could help wake them up.  Gerry you seem to have been 
zapped before, there are many resources for Audi & OEM parts on the list 
without having to deal with these guys.  Shokan seems to be as bad as 
most post.  They seem to be cornering the market on UrQ parts, going as 
far as to say yeah we've got, no we won't sell it!  I prefer to buy my 
parts from people who probably help you if your Audi was broken down on 
the side of the road, than one would would more likely say, call us 
Monday morn we may have what you need and will be happy to charge more 
for it than any one else!

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