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Re: Got my Euro Lights and Harness - Have a couple questions

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The install is pretty straight forward, my apologies for not including a wiring

The white 9004 connector plugs onto the OE headlight plug, the 4-pin euro light
connector plugs into the back of the lamp housing.
The harnesses have fairly long power and ground leads coming out of them, mount
the box wherever you find most accessible then route the wires.
There is one 16ga yellow wire coming out of the lamp side connector as well.
this is for the optional city light. You can connect this to the positive lead
of your parking lights if so desired.
Be sure to install the waterproof fuseholder in the end of the red 10ga wire at
the charging post (or batt, etc).
As far as the booties not being supplied, it's not an issue cost as much as it
is feasibility. The boots only cost $3.50 ish, but the opening in them is too
small to allow the heavy gauge wires to all fit through... Unfortunate sacrifice
in lieu of performance. If you are really concerned with this issue, silicone on
and around the the connector will do.

Any questions about the install, please feel free to email me and I will provide
all the support I can.
Thanks for the BW,
Todd Candey
Vortrag Motorsports Inc.

> I like Mark am hoping that everything will become self evident as I
> disassemble the existing lights as wiring diagrams were not included. Not as
> plug and play as I had thought it would be. What you get is a separate
> harness for each side with a plug for the lights, the relays and a separate
> short harness. Where the short harness goes I have yet to deterime....
> If anyone else has installed the Vortrag harnesses please post your results.
> Looks like I need to more closely review Chris Miiler's et al web pages on
> Euro lights. I guess I need to bush off my engineering degree and put it to
> use.... boy, it has been a while... I had thought that I had done my
> homework, but tonight makes me feel like I won't pass that exam.