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Seat Heater Roller-Switch

The roller-switch for the driver's seat heater in our '95 Sport 90 went
out today.  My wife was driving and adjusting and (apparently)the axle
for the roller broke - the roller part now sits about 2 mm back from the
front of the switch and at an odd angle.  My wife complained of a
burning plastic smell and that all at once the seat bottom went to
maximum heat - actually too hot to continue sitting on.  Any BTDT's?  My
question is: How do the switches come out of the dash?  I anticipate
that a screwdriver at the top and/or bottom to pry them out and then
merely replace them - but I don't want to scratch up the instrument
panel without need.  I also expect the switch to cost about $75 to
$100.  I'll report back.