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Re: rear fog light/front fog

In message <df0dbe24.3695e2bd@aol.com> IMSA90QGTO@aol.com writes:

> i drive with my front fogs on all the time.  It is purely for looks
> though.  I think it gives the car a more aggresive look at night.  Plus i
> need the supplement for my wonderful DOT lights.

If I saw you coming the other way at night, and there was no one else
in range, you would enjoy all 540 watts.

I cannot _STAND_ the prats who drive around with their front fogs on
in non-foggy conditions.  Do they know _nothing_ about geometry?

For the terminally clueless - fogs are mounted well below the driver's
eyeline so that the beams they produce do not illuminate fog between the
driver's eyes and the object - the road.  In order to illuminate the
road at much the same distance as dipped lights, they are set _MUCH_
more aggressively - only about 1/3rd of the drop angle.  This means they
are much more likely, per watt, to blind an oncoming driver than dipped

If you _must_ drive with front fogs, FFS buy a BMW!

 Phil Payne
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