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re: 1990 100q questions -- potential purchase

No offense intended, but anyone else here confused?

<<I've been looking for an inexpensive car for my girlfriend and after
considering her requirements and our budget, had pretty much decided on an '85
or '86 Dodge Omni GLH turbo>>

Then, concerning non-Q Audis:

<<I've also ruled out the FWD versions of all of the above
since I find them considerably less satisfying to drive than than the quattro
versions and I will be driving the car occasionally as well.>>

A FWD Audi has few FWD equals when it comes to the driving
experience.  There are few FWD chassis' _better_ than Audi's... 
and the Omni isn't one of them.  

An Omni GLH Turbo is very fast and very fun... but also very rough
and very coarse... even among other pocket rockets... and most have
seen VERY hard lives.

If this is the type car you're considering (and 4 doors isn't
a HARD requirement), may I suggest a 1988 Mazda 323GTX?
Faster, smoother, well-put-together, and AWD.  If 4 doors
is a HARD feature (though for the life of me I can't think why), 
maybe a Galant VR4? Lastly, maybe a 5sp SAAB 900/9000T ?

Now on to speed:

 <<We ruled out the 4kq because Paula found it too slow
(at least the one we test drove) and finding clean ones locally is practically
impossible; we've also ruled out the 80q and 90q since the 20v is way too
pricey and the 10v ones are too sluggish>>

<<So, the question is, does the lack of a turbo make this car a slug as well? >>

Basically the same engine in a larger car?  Yes. (though I don't consider
any of the listed cars as slugs)
<<The other possibility is to wait for an '86 or '87 5ktq to become available
since they usually fall into the sub-$4,000 price range or perhaps even a
beater 200q (a clean one is probably out of our price range) although my
interest in acquiring another "project" is pretty much nil at the moment.>>

Maybe that's your best option.  But frankly, I'd rather have a 4KQ.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
'84 4kQ (collecting snow)
'85 UrQ (blasting thru it)