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Re: rear fog light/front fog

>         One last thing, do most cars with hid's, come with a switch that
> allows for
> the dimming of these lights by varing amounts.  Some of the European cars
> I
> have seen have a switch, like the seat heating switches, that can be
> rolled to
> limit the intensity of these damn lights.   It seems like all car
> manufactures

Some European cars (including some Audi's?) have aiming motors for dynamic
adjustment - very cool.

> Check the laws on that one... it may not be illegal.  The 18" wide
> double/solid yellows, definitely illegal.  Definitely illegal to cross
> the double yellows to pass, but check local laws for left turns.

In VT - crossing double yellow is O.K.  'advisory only' or something of
that nature.  of course if you do something stupid, johnny law will still
drag you in for 'imprudent' or 'reckless'.  Naturally flatlanders freak
when you pass them on the double yellow...