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Re: Not a slug at all!

The true slug is a non-turbo, automatic, 110hp 5K Avant. Which is exactly
what I have. There are two big negatives: the automatic transmission, plus
the extra couple of hundred pounds the hatchback configuration adds.

On the other hand, this car cruises on the highway, and with 205/60-15
tires on 15x7 wheels, handles and looks great. Plus it has the meaty rear
spoiler, instead of the dainty ones on the later 200 Avants. It is also a
great utility vehicle. 

Last summer, while driving along the Oregon coast, a bimmer 740i blasted by
me on an uphill straight. Well right after this came a series of twisties
and guess what. This 'lowly' FWD wagon would eat up the 'ultimate driving
machine' in the turns. Perhaps it was  the lack of skills of the other
driver, but I know at least that the other driver was trying, since in the
straights the bimmer would step on the gas and blast away from me. But when
the next turn would come, any gain the bimmer got in the straights would
easily swallowed up. This continued until we ran into a train of behemoth

In summary: Even 44 types with FWD can be r-audi!

Chauncey Kuo
Kirkland, WA

1985 5000S 'the slug' Avant
1984 Scirocco go cart
1994 Honda Civic

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> Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 09:12:35
> From: Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com>
> Subject: Not a slug at all!
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> >I hate to burst this bubble of hope and optimism, and I apologize in
> advance to
> >those Audi owners who will surely take umbrage, but the non-turbo 44
type is
> >a slug's slug. This type of car will also fail to meet, IMHO, your
> requirements
> >of inexpensive operation and maintenance. (As a 200 owner, you must know
> >that.) Quattro is a wonderful thing, but get a grip, man.  She'll hate
> >
> >DeWitt Harrison
> >Boulder, CO
> >88 5kcstq
> >
> No, my non-turbo type 44 is NOT a slug. Remember that Boulder CO is at
> what, 5,000 feet above sea level? Any N.A. car's performance will be
> decreased at that altitude.

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