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Re: Audi/Tamiya R/C advice needed!


	Any inexpesive (or expensive!) 2 channel SURFACE radio will work
with your Tamiya vehicle.  If you just plan to drive outside your house
then a fairly inexpensive radio is all that you need.  If you are going to
get into racing them, better radios have useful features that you may need.
What is inexpensive? In Canada I wouldn't spend less then $100CDN. My
preferred radio brand was always Futaba, but Airtronics is another popular
brand. Hitec radios are less money...but pretty poor in the quality
department. Do yourself a favour, and buy a radio that has the trigger
style throttle and the wheel style steering.  Twin sticks aren't too
precise, and are actually harder to drive a car with (my experience...there
is ONE world level racer that still uses sticks sometimes).

	As for the speed control, the Tamiya one will work...but they run
hot, are wasteful towards the power and don't last long. If you're going to
do the Audi justice, buy an electronic speed control.  Two notable
manufactuers are Novak and Tekin.  They make ones that have reverse as
well, but for racing you are only supposed to (or allowed to) use one that
is forward only with brakes. Even the entry level speed controls made by
these companies are light-years better then the tamiya mechanical version.

	You will want to buy a 6 cell battery pack, and there are many to
choose from.  Entry level packs (most suitible for the mechanical speed
control) are in the 1200-1400 milli-amp range.  More powerful packs
(faster) are in the 1700+ range.  More power, more money.

	When buying a charger do yourself a favour, spend the money and buy
one that can be powered off an AC wall plug, not just a 12V supply.  Much
kinder on your real audi's battery! Airtronics makes some good chargers
that have fast charging/trickle capabilities as well as meters and other

	As a side note, if the kit doesn't include all the ball bearings
(ask a hobby shop or read the instructions) buy one.  Otherwise it's like
never washing or maintaining your real audi...ever.  The bearings make it
run smoother, more efficiently with a higher top speed.  Put them
everywhere there is a bushing. (kits are availible that have all the
bearings in the proper sizes)

	The last thing you may want to consider is a better motor.  The
tamiya ones are okay, but for better speed you should invest in an
aftermarket stock or modified motor.  The tamiya motor is like a stock A4
1.8, the stock motor is like an A4 2.8 and the modified...a well chipped

	As for building...tamiya makes the best instructions in the
industry.  Follow them to the letter and you should have no problems.

>PS Latest releases in Tamiya's lexan cover range include an Audi A3 and TT.
>Better start saving...

If you've never driven an R/C before, you may want to consider buying a
cheap body to learn to drive with.  Driving them is a lot different from
real cars, especially when it is coming towards you.  I guarantee you will
kiss many a curb, probably roll it a few times, etc. Better to ruin an
aftermarket body (genaric parts) then the stock tamiya body (genuine audi
parts...if we were comparing prices)

Hope that helps!


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