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Re: Audi/Tamiya R/C advice needed!


I've got a pink (!!) Tamiya-bodied A4 racer with some bitchin' chassis and
motor.  Audi Finland gave (?)  us each one at a dealer meeting a while back
so we could race and not go bankrupt...  Funny how they did not forget to
invoice the USD 800.00 for them.  The car is amazing, if only my hand-eye
cordination was equally good I'd start taking part in some local events.
The chassis/motor is some other make, can't recall the name and the silly
thing is at work - where else?  I just had to make new body mounting holes
(4) to fit the pegs on the chassis.

Have you seen a Tamiya RC TT body?  Does it use the same wheelbase as the A4
RC car?  i.e. can I interchange bodies?

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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Date: 8. tammikuuta 1999 22:52
Subject: Audi/Tamiya R/C advice needed!

>Hi all,
>I've just received 'payment' for a job I did a while ago, in the form of a
>Tamiya 1:10 R/C A4 BTCC racer. Cool toy!


>PS Latest releases in Tamiya's lexan cover range include an Audi A3 and TT.
>Better start saving...