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Re: Audi/Tamiya R/C advice needed!

As a nut that owns over 20 R/C cars I think I can help you.  To my
knowledge no Audi TT is available yet.  Having said that, the TT should
prove popular and a body will most likely be forthcoming, either from
Tamiya or an after-market company.

Tamiya RC Cars are all built on a fairly standard chassis.  The wheels,
suspension and tires change from car to car, but the wheelbase remains
constant.  If you take a look at their website you'll see that they have
about 2 or 3 chassis lengths for street racers and all the body shells are
made to fit one or the other.

Your A4 should be interchangable with their Mercedes C-Class racer body,
BMW 3 series racer and many more.


At 11:28 PM 1/8/99 +0200, you wrote:
>I've got a pink (!!) Tamiya-bodied A4 racer with some bitchin' chassis and
>motor.  Audi Finland gave (?)  us each one at a dealer meeting a while back
>so we could race and not go bankrupt...  Funny how they did not forget to
>invoice the USD 800.00 for them.  The car is amazing, if only my hand-eye
>cordination was equally good I'd start taking part in some local events.
>The chassis/motor is some other make, can't recall the name and the silly
>thing is at work - where else?  I just had to make new body mounting holes
>(4) to fit the pegs on the chassis.
>Have you seen a Tamiya RC TT body?  Does it use the same wheelbase as the A4
>RC car?  i.e. can I interchange bodies?
>Jouko Haapanen
>Pori, Finland