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RE: rear fog light/front fog

The real problem is with the SUVs.  Even their headlights are a pain since
they are an extra 2 feet off the ground and right at the eye level of car
drivers.  Add 2 more brighter lights, and it really wrecks my night vision.

The V8 fogs really aren't that bad.  However, if you buy/build a light
harness and run higher wattage hi and low lamps, you won't need to drive
around with the fogs on.  I posted my experience with this a few years ago.

At 02:53 PM 1/8/99 -0800, Buchholz, Steven wrote:
>> >i drive with my front fogs on all the time>
>> 	Would some one PLEASE explain to me why all of these people 
>> run around town, during the day or night miss using head lights and 
>> driving lights. Its rude beyond all understanding. Berthoud pass at 
>> night with no on coming traffic is one thing, but blinding people in 
>> town under blocks and blocks of mercury vapor lights make no sence. 
>> Not to mention the SUV/Truck "things" that already have their head 
>> lights a rear window height, then compound the problem with projector 
>> driving lights on all the time(Dodge Dakotas,Ford Expedtions etc).
>> 	People have lost all sence of civility, its become ME,ME,ME! 
>> Aren't I cool with me driving lights on blinding everyone around me. 
>> Lets see that seems to be the same group of people that weave all 
>> over their "lane" on I470 @ 80mph talking on the phone while piloting 
>> their Suburbans allown. The same people that will not think twice 
>> about turning left over a double yellow line on Broadway (not from a 
>> turn lane) and screw up the street for blocks and cause any number of 
>> "close calls", or real metal to metal problems.
>> 	Please don't come back to me and say that you point the 
>> driving lights down, so that makes it ok...I don't think so, your 
>> still putting out the offending light, it's just not aimed in our 
>> faces.
>... sounds like someone needs to take a pill!  I guess I'll just chalk it up
>to the usual case of cabin fever ...
>While I too sport terrific disdain for those who choose to drive around with
>lights that cast light at a blinding level to oncoming traffic, I don't see
>why anyone would need to go into convulsions just because the car has got an
>extra set of lights on near the ground ... throwing light down to illuminate
>it.  I will tell you that I do this all of the time when I drive the V8 ...
>and I truly appreciate having those lights.  This car is the first Audi that
>I've purchased since the QTC (with the aftermarket Cibie headlights) that
>does a respectable job of lighting the road ahead in the dark.  The reason
>why I will not turn off the lights is that I really like the way that the
>lights illuminate the surface of the road, making surface undulations and
>small foreign objects on the road much more visible.  I have driven other
>cars (or motorcycles) in front of and in oncoming situations with the V8 and
>see absolutely no reason why anyone could have a problem with them ...
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR