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Re: How do I wire relays?

End of story first: best way to wire a relay is by the diagram on it or
the one that came with it.  yes, follow the instructions folks.

> > I knew what I meant, really!
> >
> > 87 = NO, 87a = NC
> No, even that's wrong.  I don't know _how_ it's wrong (yet) but it _is_
> wrong.

really?  have another beer Phil... on me...

Relay contact for break (NC) and changeover contacts 
87 Input 
87a Output 1 (NC side) 
87b Output 2 
87c Output 3 
87z Input 1 
87y Input 2 
87x Input 3 

Relay contact for make (NO) contact and changeover contacts 
88 Input 
88a Output 1 
88b Output 2 
88c Output 3 
88z Input 1 
88y Input 2 
88x Input 3 

to quote my own stupid web site.  indicating that the whole NO enchilada
are numbered 88... and I'm wrong.

but on my headslight schematic, where I got the numbers off the used
Audi Bosch relays in the actual RL circuit, the current flows through 30
and 87 when the NO relay is switched, and through 30 and 87a when the NC
relay is not switched.

So I guess it depends on who you believe, me or me. 

PS the DIN chart on my web site I stole from an innocent passerby whose
name I lost... the relays exist and undeniable, even if wrong.

So you're right, I am wrong, somehow, but how exactly I wonder?  And how

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT