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Wheels For Sale

I'd like to find a home for some wheels which are just taking up space here.

1. Set of four, 4x100 bolt pattern, 6J 14 ET45, Audi p/n 811 601 025Q,
sixteen spoke Ronal.  
Condition is nearly perfect except for a single curb scrape on one wheel.  
Color is silver.  
These were stock on Audi 4KS front wheel drive.  
(I bought these to use on my 4kq before I realized they are wrong bolt
One of these wheels comes with a like new tire, Dunlop D60A2
(185/60)...still has the rubber hairs from the mold on it.
Asking $100 or n/o.  
Buyer pays shipping, COD. 

2. Wheels, set of four, 4x108 bolt pattern, 6J 14 ET45, Audi p/n 443 601
Color is silver.  
Condition is rough.  
These are the flat look wheels with nine sausage shaped slots around the
perimeter.  They were stock OEM on most Audi 5KS, but will also fit 4kQ,
Coupe GT, some 89 100, and likely some others I don't know about.  
These might serve someone as extra wheels for winter snows, or maybe for
track tires. 
Asking $25 for the set.  
Buyer pays shipping (COD).

Dave Conner