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Re: fuel distributor 5ks

In message <3696B497.69CB296F@worldnet.att.net> Frank Walian writes:

>     I have a 5ks with 118k mi and it is currently having major hiccup
> problems. While driving the car will sputter and hiccup. Even when going
> down the highway at 65 mph sometimes/often will hiccup and the engine
> will cut off completely. The tach will go from reading 4000RPM to dead
> in 1/4 of a sec. I brought the car into a local shop and the said the
> problem was the fuel distributor and that it is getting clogged or
> something. Anyway they want about $1600 for a new fuel distributor and
> injectors.

Come over here, and I'll do them for $1500.

I've never seen intermittent problems of this nature caused by a
metering head.  True, they can cause stumbles and rough running, but
when they do, they do it all the time.  Chief culprit is the upper
plunger chamber O-ring.  It's fairly easy to check a metering head -
just put VAG 1348/1A on top of the air mass sensor, set the paddle to
40mm, put the injectors into VAG 1348/2 and jumper the fuel pump into
operation.  This stress-tests the whole thing, and if there's anything
amiss with either the metering head or the injectors it will be obvious

Actually, on a 1987 car, you don't even need the jumper.  Follow Scott
Mockry's instructions on 'output diagnostics' for the MAC11 ECU.

> Does anybody know where I can get a remanufactered fuel distributor for
> a 87 5ks or know someone that rebuilds them or has one for sale???

Not in the USA.  In the UK, KMI Petrol Injection Engineers will rebuild
a metering head to your specification (which includes 'stock') for
GBP200 - $320.

 Phil Payne
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