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RE: 4ksq Coolant Overflow Resevoir fixes?

I just bought a new one from Rod a TPC for $39.50. After 6mths of screwing
with plastic weld, JB weld, RTV and silicon ect. I prolly actually spent
about $40 just in adhesives and a lot more in time and effort. I would (and
will in the future) just get a new one right away and save yourself the
headaches. Compared to the prices we pay for some parts (can you say $15
spark plugs?) this is chicken feed to avoid a problem that really woun't go

This of course is just my humble opinion. Don't let my experience get in the
way of any attempts to fix this problem with a method not yet tried,
godspeed to you!

Have a great day!

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		tturse@ps-b.com (Thomas Turse) wrote:

		>Hey all- just a quickie.  Has anyone successfully patched a
		>resevior?  Mine developed this thin crack in the front and
		>started leaking.  I found a few at an Audi salvage yard and
they all seemed
		>to have this hairline crack in the same exact spot.  I
sanded the area down
		>and tried an all purpose epoxy.  It held for about a week
and slowly blew
		>out.  Any suggestions on this dilemma would be very much
appreciated as

		Nope, BTDT. They all crack again after a while. Get a new
		contrary to your expectations they're not all that
		Used ones are prone to cracking, too.