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Re: fogs & aiming

>What, no lighting engineers jumping into this thread?
Several people have posted about "aiming low" for fog/aux lights.  Yes, 
aiming is much appreciated; however, these lights are not lasers, and 
are not as sharp a cutoff as say eurolights. 

I find that the better quality cut lenses, most Hellas and some Bosch 
Have just as sharp cutoff as my euros.  I think this is not the case 
with some of the new round/pod designs of some of the PIAA wanna be's.  
IE the $20-$30 accessory lights that are gaining in popularity.

>By having a second pair of lights on the car, you are
further degrading oncoming traffic's vision. 

I disagree here.  I if the lights are aimed properly, especially good 
fogs, there should be little to no degradation in vision for oncoming 
traffic. (poor OEM lamps can you say AUDI are worse offenders as are the 
folks who think HiBeams are the hot fog setup!) And under true use 
conditons of fog and bad rain or snow I think the ability to see & be 
seen out wieghs any negatives.  In real pea soup I tend to run marker 
lights and fogs alone and certainly won't be dimming to meet oncomers!
>If your DOT lamps are lousy, then buy euros, and aim them properly.  If 
that's too pricey, then buy aux. low beams, and turn them off for 
oncoming traffic.

Tend to agree here but the point is truly mute as trucks outsold cars 
here in the US last Quarter for the first time ever and with Ford F 
series leading the blinding light hit parade with fully legal DOT 
setups, you pobably barking up the wrong tree;^)


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