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Dallas area service and fuel gauge question

Frank wrote:

<I have taken my car to Central Audi in Richardson and European Auto Tech
<off of I75 on Park. It sound like I still haven't found a mechanic that
<has properly analyzed the problem. Does anybody have an recommendations
<for a mechanic in this area that may be able to properly analyze this
<problem ( post: fuel distributor 5ks), which sounds like it may be

In Dallas I would highly recommend Kosova Foreign Car Service. A small "hole
in the wall" but an ex-Jugoslav that is highly skilled, honest and do a very
good job. Somewhat foul tempered, but that is to your advantage since he is
likely to argue with you and fix things by repairing less itmes than what
you initially thought was faulty. Also good prices.
Address is 11310, Plano Road, Dallas TX 75243 (a "couple" of blocks north of
LBJ on the right). Phone is 214 (or possibly 972) 348-1626

Another good guy (if he does the work, NOT his shop monkey - be aware) is
Phil Rice at Nordstadt's Autoshupping. Located on 502 Bishop in Richardson,
behind the Ferrari dealer on Central Expressway. Phone 972-470-9111.

Good luck  /// P-O in Seattle
89 100E
91 300ZXTT