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New '90 CQ owner ;>

I've just gotten my first Audi - a 1990 Coupe Quattro *grin*

It's really wonderful to get myself stuck in the snow - and then unstuck
without having to resort to pushing...(never mind all of the nice little
bits for driving ;>)

On a slight tangent, definate compliments and kudos to Perry Mason up at
Pfaff in Newmarket, for going over the car before I bought it, and pointing
out all sorts of things that the dealer's been "kind" enough to fix! (Not
to mention being willing to answer some pretty daft questions on my part
with lots of patience)

Anyhow - on the note of getting stuck in the snow, I'd like to put snow
tires on, but have no idea what I can mount on the stock rims (then again,
I really don't know much about tires at all).

"A cat spends her life conflicted between a deep, passionate and profound
desire for fish and an equally deep, passionate and profound desire to
avoid getting wet.  This is the defining metaphor of my life right now."