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RE: rear fog light/front fog

oi, some of our ozzie brethren are getting tired of this constant reference 
to their nefarious past as convicts!

i suggest that we cease and desist.  certainly it is grossly impolite to 
keep mentioning that they are descended from convicts.  not only that, mere 
mention of the fact that the breeding stock of this fine land has convict 
blood can get one into all sorts of arguments and bother ;-)

on an entirely unrelated matter, i've given chrsitine, the black ur-q, a 
good couple of runs after a month away.  on reflection, i think that what 
audi did so right with this car has got to be the steering.  it always 
takes me 20 minutes to get used to it after driving the station wagon. 
 when you move the wheel, the car moves.  no if's, no but's and certainly 
no maybe's...

i play a little game with tracey (unbeknownst to her) which involves going 
around a corner with as much speed as i can muster without giving the game 
away.  there is a particular 90 degree 65km/hr bend which i usually take at 
130.  so today we cruised through at 105 and tracey said, "is there 
something wrong with that car?" pointing out another car we were passing 
going through the corner :-)

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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Around here, the police just stop people, hassle them for twenty minutes
and breathalyse them.  My suggestions about chopping off hands and
transportation to the colonies for life have not yet been generally

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