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Re: Newsflash: tiny turbo kills mighty V8

More like the 200q20v weighs substantially less than the 740i.  Paul 
Royal is an avid fan of the phrase "there's no substitute for 
litres"...and BMW has one of the highest HP-to-displacement ratios in 
the industry.  Those V8's are -not- wimpy.

I had my own fun blowing by an Acura CL one crisp afternoon, coming 
out of the tolls...it's quick, but not that quick, especially with 3 
rather obese guys in one.

My other favorite episode was when my friend('90 Legend sedan) bragged:

"I had no problem keeping up with your 5kCST.  I bet I can come close 
to your 200", right before a trip home from upstate NY.

So, on the return trip, we had just got on I-87 around Lake George, 
southbound.  This starts off with a lovely hill.  I patiently waited 
for him to try to pass me on the left, waited 'till we were 
neck-to-neck, announced "Everybody wave goodbye to Scott!", and 
floored it, in 5th gear.  It was embarrassing.  My 200 has a heavier 
curb weight and had a full load of luggage, gas, and 4 passengers; he 
had 2 passengers and next to no luggage.  The 60hp difference 
probably explains a lot :)

The best was talking to him 2 days ago:
"There was talk on the Acura list about the rumors of the return of 
the Acura Legend[commentary:the legend was canned, and replaced with 
new model names/styles. It went something like: Legend=RL, Vigor=TL, 
Integra=CL] as a twin turbo V8 around the year 2000-2001.  Someone 
mentioned that it would be cool if it came with a 'quattro-like AWD 
system, because that would be awesome'".

I replied:
"Hmm.  Sounds like an Audi S8 to me"

"What's an S8?"

"Picture an A8 quattro, 6-speed, with twin turbos.  Sounds a lot like 
this new Legend, eh?"

PS:The absolute winner in the category "weaving excessively" was a 
complete idiot, in dorF Exploder, reading his business proposals, 
getting items out of his briefcase(on the passenger seat) AND talking 
on the cell phone cradled on his shoulder, 'doin about 80mph.  I 
swear, every tollbooth collector should have a Trooper with him/her, 
just waiting for some idiot to drive up...

> I'd been blocked for miles on the Everett Turnpike in NH USA by a new 740i
> with the driver constantly on and off the cell phone and weaving constantly
> into the granny lane and over the left-side fog line. This guy _owned_ the
> road! Finally I got a chance to slide by him on the right, just south of
> the Bedford NH tolls. The automatic toll lines were all backed-up so I took
> a chance with the right-most attended booth as there was no waiting for tax
> payments there. The BMW driver follwed my lead and went for the lane immed
> to my left, but he had one car in front - so no problem. Well, the
> attendant in my lane was busy and slow to accept my tax payment, the BMW
> beat me out of the gate. As I still had my window down I could tell that he
> got all over that mighty V8 to stay ahead of this ol' Audi, so I went for
> it. Surprise surprise! The ol' 20VT blew right past him - it was somewhat
> close but a clear win - I came from behind by about 1-2 car lengths and
> passed the maroon by about 6-10 car lenghts and easily pulled away. Very
> Nice! The 'competition' got cut a bit short by a Trooper on the side, oh
> well - superiority clearly proven and acknowledged by his agressive
> attempts to pass me at all costs. Finally traffic allowed him to go by me
> on the right but not enough room to cut in front. I backed-off the throttle
> to give him some room to move over and then gave him a friendly quick-flash
> and he moved over in front of me again. No problem, I enjoyed the rest of
> the ride home _very much_ thank you Audi!
> :)
> -glen

Brett Dikeman
"Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell and making 
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