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200q 10v water pump question...

This afternoon, while doing some work on my 200q 10V, I noticed that the teeth
on the water pump sprocket were awfully thin ... upon closer inspection, I saw
that the leading edges of the teeth are worn half away and are about 2/3rds as
high as they were when I installed it 44k ago.  I checked the timing belt
tension and it appears to be okay (1/4 turn between my fingers, etc.) and the
teeth on the belt look good as well although the edges are starting to round
off slightly, which is what I would expect given the mileage.  About the only
thing I can think of that could cause this is a pump sprocket that wasn't
properly hardened ... has anyone else ever experienced this or was this just a
one-time fluke event? 

Since the pump is a genuine Audi part and I have previously had problems with
aftermarket pumps, though, what should I replace it with this time?   I'm
inclined to go with another OEM pump but if there's a better one out there,
I'd like to hear about it...