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4kq defroster problem finally solved!!!

	I finally found it.  SOme of you may remember my constant
complaints of a non functioning rear defroster even though the switch was
fine.  Well, after MUCH wire tracing and trouble shooting I found it.
Bently said there was a 6-pt brown connector under the dash.  Very helpful
as there are a thouusand connecors under the dash, half of which are brown
and halof of which are 6-pt.  Anyhow, I found it.  IT resided under left
side of dash under the fuse box in the mess of wires there.  DIrectly
behind the small aux relay panel under there.  It is rectangular and the
white wire going in and out is the one from the switch to defroster units.
Seems the male spade connector had popped out of its spot and was hanging
free.     Plugged it in and problem was fixed.    
	BTW, there is anouther plug under there too that COULD cause
simialr problems.  From the Brown connector the wire moves about 6" into
another white 2 pin connector.  This splits the power to go to the rear
defroster and also to the two mirror heater elements.  After these two
connectors the wires go straight to the actual defrost elements.  
	Supprisingly no one on  the list could answer this problem for me
so I had to figure it out on my own.  Anyhow, now this is in archives so
hopefully someone else in future can figure it out sooner than I did.
Hope this helps someone out there sometime. :-)
	I love the Q-List BTW and hope everyone continues to feed info
into and recieve knowledge from this great list.  
	Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year.

	Todd Phenneger
	1984 4000s quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
	1987 4000cs quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!