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RE: S6 plus Sport wheels+tires

> The German and French S6 brochures that I have says that it's a
> 245.  Where
> did you get your info?  That's great news if you are correct.

I have the S6 _plus_ brochure which lists the 255/40/17 on 8x17 rims as
stock.  They are a 6 spoke design very similar to the Avus style, just
doesn't have the indentation at the top of the spoke.  The S6 (not S6 plus)
price list brochure does list an optional 10 spoke 8x17 rim with 245/40/17
tires.  I gather these are the ones you got.  I was assuming you were
referring to the S6 plus wheels.  I don't believe the S6 plus had any wider
fender flares so unless the wheels have a different offset the 255's should