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FS: '92 V8 4.2 at dealer

 Hey Gang,
 Just passed by the local dealer and saw a pearl on black V8 4.2. 
The only reason that I would post this to the list is because this
is by far the nicest V8 I've ever seen, plus it's a 4.2liter. It's a local
car that I've seen driving around here for years. It's always a lady
behind the wheel. On the windshield it says "Consignment" and 
below that $18, 450. Too dark to see the miles but I'm sure that
they're low as I've seen this car in for service before and I happened
to be there at the time so I took a look and  they
were low. Stock BBS rims. There wasn't a ding or  scratch anywhere on 
this beauty. Just thought that if anyone was looking for such, this is 
the best example I've seen and seen plenty I have!  No interest nor 
financial gain whatsoever for me. Dealer's # is (719) 575-7955. Oh yeah,
it is a slush box as they never made a 4.2 with a 5 speed. Too bad!!!!

Chad Clark '87 5k tq
Colorado Springs, CO