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Panasonic CD changer

For those of you with the stock (Panasonic) radio/CD controller.

I have a 1997 [B4]Passat TDI that I bought a Panasonic CX-DPFM800
which is a package that includes the DP-801EUC (the changer) and
CY-RM800EUC (FM modulator) for $199+tax. From previous posts this
will work with my radio as long as I get the adapter as stated
above. I bought it at Fry's Electronics in Arlington, Texas.
Fry's wanted the about $269(?) for the changer alone, as does

I don't have any affiliation with anyone nor any products
mentioned herein. I've never bought anything from Crutchfield and
often wish I hadn't bought anything from Fry's. The only reasons I
do/have bought from them is a) often have good prices that shock me,
and b) I cherish, enjoy, and utterly relish buying something and
breezing by those jerks that think they work at Sam's Club and think
they MUST check your receipt. After doing b) I am set for a month as
I feel fresh as Spring rain.
Dennis Whitson
'86 4KCSQ