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Re: tranny lube-reply

 pjrose@servtech.com writes:

<< So I picked up a bottle of Valvoline (synthetic)  75W/90 
transmission lube ($10/qt at Pep Boys); this is API GL-5, 
which I  now realize is _not_ what Audi specifies for the 
tranny. I guess I will hold out for using only the GL-4 type, 
even though it might get very little use before being drained(??)
 .....  refill with the best stuff according to list-consensus 
(hah!). I recall  that Redline MT90 has been widely recommended. 
Is there a good mail-order source for it?  I don't expect to find it 
locally. >>


Pretty much in a nutshell the reason why VAG recommends a
GL4 rated synthetic is that over the years it has been noted that
the sulfur compounds present in GL5s and 6s can attack the
brass syncro rings and cause premature wear.   I was a VW 
tech for several years had we had a heck of a time with Vanagons
coming into the dealer with shifting complaints, particularly when
cold, in vehicles with only 50-60k on them.   At that time they
were more than likely still running a factory supplied GL5 
petroleum based gear oil.  VW sent us a tech bulletin in which
they stated that if we had such a vehicle with that type of 
complaint to switch it over to their G50 synthetic GL4 rated oil.
And if that did not cure the balky shifting then we were to 
crack open the gear box and replace *all* the old syncros with
the 091-311-295A ring off 3rd and 4th.  These rings had a nice
moly coating that combined with the synth oil made for smooth
shifts even if the trans was ice cold.   The short period of time
that Phil is contemplating for using the GL5 probably won't 
cause any excessive wear and I would think that it would be
OK to use until it was replaced by some GL4.

Redline MT90 is a 75w-90 and I find that the VW gearboxes I do
here at my shop seem to do slightly better in cold weather with
the Redline MTL GL4 which is a 75w-80.  Try www.Redline.com
and see if you can find someone in your area that carries it.  I
have found that a lot of motorcycle performance shops either carry
it or know where to get it.  Up here the MTL is $8 a quart.

-Todd Hill
 VolksWerks Transaxles
 Olympia, WA