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Re: The Best Fog Vision

Hairy green toads from Mars made IMSA90QGTO@aol.com say:

> I know I will once again take some heat for this, but the best fog vision 
> is actually no lights at all.  I know it's highly illegal and it should 
> never be done, but if the street is well lght by street lights and you 
> turn off all lights except the parking lights, you will be able to see 
> much better.  In dense fog, any light will make the fog worse and lower 
> visibility, except for the fog lights.

Not from me you won't. I converted Angela's '90 90Q20V to be able
to do this years ago. Just replaced the fog light relay with a jumper.
Now the fog lights work independently of any headlight setting.

Isn't this the way it's *required* to work in Europe/UK???


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