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Speedline rims on '87 5kcstq?

Hey folks--Dave Alcott has a set of Blizzaks mounted on Speedline rims
off a '90 CQ for sale; I'm trying to figger out whether or not these
will fit my '87 5kcstq.  The tire size is the same (195/60--15); what
about the bolt pattern?  What's the collective wisdom on this?

Dave wrote in part: 
(4) 195/60 or 65 15" Blizzaks mounted Speedline wheels. Wheels have a
typical amount of wear on them.

I sold my '90 CQ last year but I kept the original wheels that had snow
tires mounted on them. I thought I could use them on my new car but the

TIA & Regards,

Nick Evans
Mayflower Garage
Barboursville, Virginia