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5k ignition switch troubles

This weekend I pulled out the electrical half of the ignition switch,
because of the no-start problem on my 5kcstq. (You can hotwire the
starter and it works, so other listers pointed to the switch as the
culprit.) Getting the switch out requires an inspection mirror, a very
small straight screwdriver (small tip and no more than 1" long) for the
set screw that holds the switch onto the lock, and some patience. 

The switch itself seems fine: by turning it by hand, the starter portion
of the switch closed properly. Disassembly showed that everything looked
all right inside, too. I put the switch back on the car, without
connecting it to the lock, and the switch works just fine for starting
and running the car.

When I reattach the switch to the lock, the car again won't start, as

My thought is that the the lock is not turning the switch quite far
enough to make things happen. I did notice that, with the switch and
lock together, you turn the key ~60 degrees and it clicks--but nothing
happens. You have to turn the key another ~10 deg before the ignition
comes on. (It's not supposed to be like that, is it?) Then the lock has
only another ~30 deg of travel for the start action, and that's not
enough to turn the switch to "start." 

Looking at the ignition switch's plastic receiving end for the lock's
tab, it doesn't look very worn--though if it were, that would explain
the problem. And the lock tab looks fine too, much sturdier than the
switch's end. This interface is the chief place I suspected of problems.

I don't suppose I could buy a replacement switch (without the lock
cylinder) to try out. The switch has a M over a W symbol but no part

Any other ideas? Thanks.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k