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Aha, a new "clank!"

Of course, now that I fixed one problem, another one surfaces . . .

There's a new "clank" - when you release the brake pedal, the feeling is
almost like it doesn't want to return - kind of like pulling a suction cup
off a sheet of glass - it comes, but reluctantly, but it always does
return. The bomb is relatively new, and the brakes work perfectly. No
pentosin leaks. I'm wondering if I have air in the brake servo - remember
that I was fooling around with hoses and had to disconnect the hose from
the servo (but that's a return hose, so it shouldn't matter).

Of course, I still have to change the clutch master cylinder and the
radiator in Dear Bride's Mzda - the whole world is mechanical and none of
it works. Whatever isn't mechanical is electronic, and ABSOLUTELY none of
that works!

Grumble, grumble.

Mike Arman