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Re: Fog/aux lights blinding oncoming traffic

> >I'm out in this crap that passes for weather last night, and on a
> long straightaway I'm being seriously blinded by some guy.  About 3/4 of
> a mile away.   So I flash him a few times, but of course in the 85 with
> stock lights that just looks like I'm driving with
> my emergency flashers on...
> Huw,
> you know there is no reason for those of us with the 4 square headlight
> system to have to put up with that.  Get thee some H4/H1's and let the
> idiots know when it's inappropriate to be running off roads on the road!
> Mike

Well, see, the 82, with the H4/H1's and plenty of "flash for revenge"
power in in pieces in the garage (swapping fenders, front bumper,
redoing light brackets... all prior to the big paint job!) and I'm
confined to the beater, an '85 with stock sandblasted lenses (and
wiring).  I do have some better lenses here and I'm gonna do a 9007
conversion with relays for a bit better light, but I haven't even
replaced the pass door handle on this car yet.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT