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fan causes hiccup

paul i had the same symptoms last summer in my 86 5kcdtq...it uses a
different fan but probably the cause is similar...i had two faults..
        first the the resistor pack used to provide different speeds of
operation had failed leaving only 'tornado' mode...this overtaxed the tired
fan motor
        the tired fan motor was drawing massive amounts of current because
the bearings were dry and about to seize. i dismantled the fan and replaced
the bearings...i think that they were a 6001z...the 'z' denotes only one
seal.i used a 6001 as a replacement because it's a pretty common size in
bicycles and i keep it in stock.
86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
84 5ks
84 5ksw
many cyclops bicycles