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Re: Re: Subject: WHy is my 4kq's radiator fan always on!

In a message dated 1/11/99 1:52:54 PM, phen9461@uidaho.edu wrote:

>	Many people have suggested this switch/sensor is the problem.  IS
>there a way to do a voltage or resistance check to see if it really is the
>problem before I drain all the fluid when I change it?
>Thanks again

Switch should be normally closed (i.e., not flow current).  When hot, should
open and allow circuit to be completed.  So, when the car's cold, you should
not get continuity through the switch.
If you're quick on the change, you should lose less than a quart of coolant.
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com