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Re: Wiring Help for new stereo in Ur-q

> ] 2.  There is a black lead that seems to only be carrying a few volt (i.e.,
> ] 2-3VDC).  What is that one for?
> ]
> ]2A. I think that is for your background lighting not sure check with some
> ]others on that one.  It could also be pwr. att.
>         i have heard that this is for background lighting, too.
>         could be blue with a stripe if i remember correctly.
>         this should also split to light up the diff lock panel
>         and ashtray.

That's right; the illumination wire is blue with a gray stripe on a 5k.
My radio only pays attention to it when the radio is off; when on, it
always illuminates at full power anyway.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k