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Audi parts expensive?

Starter, Ford Probe, $975.00. Still think Audi parts are expensive? All
modern cars have parts prices that may seem out of line. However,
consider the fact that our cars are relatively low production vehicles,
and many of the expensive parts are unique to the particular model you
have, and don't benefit form the economy of size in production. Given
the numbers, one would reasonably expect a door handle for a Golf to be
cheaper than the same part for an Audi Quattro Coupe, and the door
handle on a 911 that was in production for 15 years to be cheaper than
one for a 993. Costs of design and production are spread out over a far
larger number of pieces and, when those prices are held high despite
those economies, other producers enter the marketplace and bring them
down. Porsche and Mercedes Benz have aggressively approached the
aftermarket with a wide range of price cuts. I get monthly flyers from
our local MBZ dealer, offering me parts at prices the well established
aftermarket wholesalers can't match. Parts that I use on a regular
basis, not parts that I never need. When I need a clutch for a 911 or a
944, the dealer is often cheaper than the wholesalers. Water pumps, oil
filters, air filters, whatever. Recently, there was a 2 month period
when a nearly $200 914 door handle was 79 bucks. Oil filters which were
selling for $14.95 mail-order are now $7.00 at the dealer. VW has done
the same thing on a lesser scale, and probably Audi too, I'm not sure.
There are some items that will never be cheap, whether because they
seldom fail, or that they are they're just expensive to make. Remember,
too, that the technology in that headlight assembly is far higher than
the old 7" circular bulb and does an immensely better job, while
providing greater ease of bulb replacement and better aerodynamics. Be
glad you don't drive a Ferrari. Of course, if you could afford to drive
one, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion.
Good luck in your search, John