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Blower motor questions, 84 5000s

My blower motor is starting to act up (squeeling upon acceleration), and
went intermittant over the weekend.    I had to slam the door to get it to
run. Impressed my guests to no end, as you could imagine. Anyways...

1. Going to try the quick and dirty steak knife method. Any gotchas?
2. Has anyone who has done the replacement noticed an improvement in flow,
re: #3 below?
3. I sometimes noticed (over the same weekend with the stopped fan) a burnt
wiring/bearing smell, but can't recall if the fan was stopped or not, as we
were moving at highway speeds. Can the fan partialy seize? Once, it didn't
run until I reved the motor off of idle (voltage spike?)
4. Bentley, page 87.175, shows "bearings". What are they really? Motor
supports? Cage bearings? Do I have to change those too?

Thanks for your help, 

Steve Bigelow ICQ 22399818
Discreet Dungeons Ottawa Ontario
'84 5ks "Audrey", Zermatt silver, Husco armrest/cupholder, Bosch H4/H1
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