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Re: stock 4000Q faster than A4?

In a message dated 1/12/99 9:41:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, Kwattro@aol.com

<< Boy - this one is gonna get me crucified...
 So at Limerock, a bunch (about 20) of A4's were in my run group.  I have an
 4000CS Quattro.  The engine is stock.  I did the suspension, ungraded the
 brakes (stainless lines, brembo rotors, metal master pads....) and augmented
 the exhaust with the Stebro stainless system.  And going out, me and my
 115 hp (or so) were able to outdrive nearly all the A4's in my group.
 Including 30v's.  
 (This is the explanation for my comments about A4's being slow....) 
 None of the cars in my group passed me.  Needless to say, it was a large
 confidence boost as to justification for not buying a new car.  Not that A4's
 aren't nice (I think they're awesome) but for about 1/4 the price, I enjoy my
 car quite nicely.  Thank you for this little brag session.  I'm sure that
 every A4 driver will be sending me hate mail soon.  :-)  Happy motoring...
 Carter J
 Kwattro@aol.com >>

I have to agree with you Carter that the STOCK A4 is a slow car(the 1.8tq).
Have raced A4s with my 87 Honda accord LX(thats the carb engine with only 98
hp) and I didn't get my butt kicked as hard as I expected.  I was right up
against his rear end but never passed because lack of HPs.  The honda that I
had, had only cat back and thats it.(Sorry Howard, I didn't mean to mention my
Honda, but my 200 is already faster then the A4)  But with a well modded A4,
thats a different story.  With a <A HREF="www.intendedacceleration.com">IA</A>
chip and PRM intake and catback that sucker can go faster than my AUdi 200.
Scare what a chip can do.  

Audi 200t
Seattle, WA
(home of my friend Bill Gates)