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RE: lightweight coupe/ur-q boot lids...

>That's where I stopped. Anybody have anything to add, or light to shed? A
rare bird to be sure, but oem on something.

My U.S.-spec '85 Ur-Q has one and based upon something I read way-back-when in
a UK car magazine, it was claimed to be a mixture of Kevlar and fiberglass ...
I'd have to dig a bit for the specific reference, though.

>And is it fibreglass or plastic?

Aren't they essentially one and the same?  Fiberglass = GRP = Glass Reinforced
Plastic, right?

>How many of our '85 owners have this "feature".

Like I said, mine has one.  However, when I saw it last year, Anton Gaidos'
'85 had a steel trunk lid.  Of course, I believe the provenance of his car
isn't completely known and it's possible that it wasn't original to the car...

Interestingly, a buddy of mine in the UK has an '87 Ur-Q and his has the steel
trunk lid ... although he isn't the original owner, he bought it from him (a
friend) and the car's complete history is known to him.  I wonder when Audi
decided to install which one on which car?

It's too bad that my '85 doesn't have one of the handful of aluminum blocks
that Audi is rumored to have installed in a few '85s in order to meet the
FIA's homolgation requirements ... in fact, if anyone has one, I'm willing to
trade my trunk lid for it and might even throw in some cash to boot!