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RE: car on the audi ur-quattro

not a heck of a lot.  the wide-track and stiff tyres with a low-roll
suspension setup stayed throughout the life of the ur-quattro.  the early
wr's had the rear anti-roll bar which was deleted with a revision to the
rear suspension.  i've not driven the early car, but apparently it was more
of a handful on the limit due to the characteristics of the rear suspension.
deleting the anti-roll bar settled it down apparently.

the torsen certainly added the handling adjustability which makes the mb and
rr cars a lot more nimble.  the essential wr understeer is a lot less
apparent, particularly noticeable on tight twisty roads where my old wr
really needed to be monster-ed (still a big grin factor though).  the rr
handles these sorts of roads much better, with less drama and more poise.  

the 20v also had either front or both front and rear cast wishbones which
are lighter and stronger resulting in less suspension flex (check out the
sport wishbones for example).  i think also that the rr had a different
steering ratio and certainly a smaller steering wheel.

the other thing which helps a lot is the low-down grunt of the motor.  the
rr has 4k (2.5-6.5k) revs to play with, and the mb probably 3k (3-6k).  my
old wr had 2.5k if you were lucky (3.5-6k).  again, not such an issue for
high speed roads, but for the tight and twisty stuff, a major improvement.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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	This brings up a question i am pondering.  Other than the torsen,
	changed in the 20v UrQ to make it so amazingly good handling
compared to 
	say my 83 (mb now i suppose)?

	I find mine to be outstanding...but of course, my overall experience
	UrQ's is limited...3.


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