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Syn vs Dino

As a synthetic oil user for 20 years I highly recommend synthetic
conversion for your v8q.  When you look at the specs, dino can't hold a
candle to syn. My personal experience with a high mileage 5kcstq is very
favorable.  Purchased with 129K on the clock, the previous owner
had used dino.  I switched to 0w30 Amsoil synthetic (after a good engine
flush) without any problems. No leaks, no increased oil consumption, no
sluge plugging small passages, nuthin'.  The car now has 225K with 25K
oil change intervals and I fully expect it to easily go 300-400K or

I've seen a video of a Mack semi tractor with 600K run on synthetic.  
The engine was torn down and measured.  It met new engine
specifications. I've also spec'd a piston from a 140K 5kcstqw that was
run on synthetic (Amsoil) that measured as new.  In my experience, dino
couldn't do that.

Bottom line, go for it Justin.  Install high quality synthetic
lubricants in your engine, transaxle, diffs and use synthetic grease.
You'll add miles/years to your car's useful life.