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Re: Water pump wear mystery ... solved

In message <729d1a56.369a7738@aol.com> JustaxPHX@aol.com writes:

> This afternoon,  I stopped by the shop that works on my family's cars when I
> can't or don't want to and had them look at the wear pattern on my water pump
> sprocket ... their conclusion?  For whatever reason, the belt wasn't properly
> seated  on the pulley and instead of meshing with the teeth on the sprocket,
> it was riding on top of them.

Probably because the teeth are the wrong size.  You have all the classic
symptoms of a number-of-teeth mismatch.  All the belts are the same
length - the ones with fewer teeth obviously have _LARGER_ teeth, and
these ride up on the waterpump pulley.

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