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Re: halfords spanner availability in US?

I am not English so excuse my ignorance. I consider a spanner as a wrench
unless your talking about the type of wrench that you would use to adjust
the nut on the shocks of a Porsche to change your ride height. In this case
I would use a spanner wrench. If these are ratcheting wrenches I can be of
assistance. I sell them and I also own a metric and a SAE set. I use these
wrenches more than any others in my tool box. I love them. The only
misgiving is that they are made in Taiwan, but they are very good quality
despite this. If you want more info as to whats available and price, email
me. I own a True Value Hardware. These have been discontinued from our
distribution center due to inadequate sales, but I do have some in stock
still and also may be able to still order some if there are any leftovers.
Let me know.
Best Regards,
Tim Leonard
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From: Jim Haseltine <Jim_Haseltine@email.msn.com>
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Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 7:18 PM
Subject: Re: halfords spanner availability in US?

>From: Bruce Bell <bbell04@ibm.net>
>>I saw an advertisement for these ratchet spanners in Car magazine. looked
>>impressive and then found the following review:
>>Where can I get a set of these in the US? anyone know of an importer?
>>according to the advertisement these things are good to 6 degrees and the
>>review claims they hold up to 200 nm!
>Halfords is a chain of motor and cycle accessory stores, selling a range of
>items from trailers through to those tacky tree-shaped air fresheners. Some
>of the large ones do tyres, servicing and sell Daewoo cars too. Their own
>range tools used to be of the same standard as Gunson products (in other
>words they were cr*p) but have made a huge leap in quality over the last
>years. I've got a number of them, wall drive sockets and ring spanners that
>are superb and a 1/4 drive set that is compact enough to allow use in the
>Ur-q's engine compartment.
>I dont want to disapoint you, but I doubt that Halfords would supply them
>external to their own stores. If we could find out who _makes_ the tools I
>think that you would stand a better chance of finding them in the US.
>There is no country of origin on the spanners, but the socket hanger tags
>say 'Made in Taiwan'.
>Halfords Ltd
>B98 0DE
>Jim Haseltine
>Of course, if you _really_ want a set I think that could be arranged, but
>considering the shipping costs and the current exchange rates they might
>work out rather expensive.  :-)