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some Audi 200 problems

Hello all,

	I am having problems with my Audi and I'm wondering there is any suggestion
for me.
THese problems consist of.........(here we go...)

	1. When the car is cold, I need to give the car a good 5 seconds of cranking
time to get it to start.  (sometimes it starts like a new honda and sometimes
I'm cranking for 6-9 seconds, depending on the car's mood, I guess)if you can
help with this I would love you!

	2. I am recently starting to smell exaust from the climate control system.
It seems as though when I turn it on and in park or at a stop light I start
getting that yucky toxic smell. not healthy for my standards.

	3. The interior lights don't come on in the car when the doors are open.  I
have searched all around and found that the connectors on the door jams are
working properly and I have no clue where else to look.  (and yes I dont have
a Bentley) The car was like that when I first bought it at 62k and I didn't
know what caused it.

	4. My tranny is feeling real bad now.  THe reverse is horrible.  I have to
pump the gas twice in R to get it in gear and the 3rd gear is bad too(I have a
Auto trans)  Recently the 1st gear has been giving me trouble, but not as bad
as the 3rd and the R.  I brougth it into the shop and the guy told me that I
need to rebuild it(the price is unbearable) I read on the list that the same
thing happened to a VW and all they did was fix the links or something or
another)  Any insite on this would help.  I want to go into that tranmission
shop and sound a bit smart :)

OK guys, thats everything.  Thanks in Advance and Anyone up for some SCCA in
Seattle in March?

Audi 200t 10v
Redmond WA