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My 90q going sideways

Went for a little ride this morning, trying to move a sidewalk 
with my rear wheel... Did not work to well.
My car is now going sideways hwn I trying to drive straight forward, 
as the right rear wheel have an different angle than normally.
(ca 10deg. out to the right) I did bend down and performed a 
quick-check, but did not see any damage.
I try to ask the list, as I think it`s the same thing that bend on 
other car`s when they are going sideways into something.
Someone else has done this as well..?? Or is it just me.......

My questions is:
Which parts must be replaced??
Is this a major fix?  Can I do it myself?  What will it cost to 
repair myself or if I leave it to a dealer?

Any help would be appreciated..

put my adress in the "CC" please.
Kristian Riise
'90 90Q 10V