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Re: 4000Q Diff Bushing

	I went through the agony of attempting this feat myself - without
success.  I was advised by various other more knowledgable list members
that the center rear diff bushing could only be replaced by dropping the
diff from the car.  After replacing the left and right diff bushings
(easy in and of themselves, but easier if you have an air-gun), I set
about to prove these people wrong and was successful in removing the
center rear bushing housing from the diff (after puchasing and modifying
an appropriately sized allen wrench), only to find that I could not get
the housing itself out from under the car.  As the bushing "looked" o.k.
and I having already done the left and right bushings, I just put it all
back in.  
	In retrospect, I wonder if I had removed the left and right bushings,
removed the bushing housing from the diff, and then lowered the diff
from the car (without removing more pieces), would I have been able to
get the rear center bushing housing from under the car, off to a machine
shop or out to the shop, replacement, and reinstallation?  I guess I
won't know until and unless I get motivated enough to try again.
	That's the long answer.  The short answer is geet the center read diff
bushing housing off the rear of the diff and out from under the car, and
replacing the bushing is the easy part.
	Good Luck

Bob wrote:
> Anyone have any hints or tips for r/r the large rear bushing on the
> diff? Anyone have a tool to do it in the car? PLEASE? :)
> Im going to attempt it myself
> Bob