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Re: V8 AUTO Block needed to borrow

Try AutoHaus in Royal Oak, MI.  I can't guarentee that they have one, or
will even sell you one, but they do have a V8 out back that they use as a
parts car.  Give it a whirl!


Jim Moore

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999 13:56:42 -0500, Bob wrote:

> OK, here I am getting myself Waaaaay in over my head. Again.  
> Is there a chance anyone has a 3.6 v8 block/crank/starter assembly they
> either can lend or want to sell? 
> I need to send it to kennedy in palmdale california to get an adapter
> plate made for the 016 tranny in the 4000Q. They say it would take about
> 3 months tops.  Maybe steve bucholz would be willing to just donate his
> 5spseed motor to the cause. Permanently. Last I recall, when I drove it,
> it ran beeeeeeautifly!  Steve? Hello?
> Anyway, to borrow it would be great, but if I need to buy it, thats fine
> too. Even a blown one would work. Thanks for any tips!
> Bob

Jim Moore

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