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Re: BF Comp T/A VR4

Commiserations Andrew, but I'm afraid IME quattros do not overcome the laws
of physics as they apply to ice either.  Now a set of Hakka 1s might go a
long way to helping.  I just put a set on my wife's Jetta GLX and the
difference from the Dunlop 4000s is remarkable.  In fact on ice it feels
better than my similarly equipped Ur-Q ??

John Corbs
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From: Albert Ng <alng@purdue.edu>
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Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 3:24 PM
Subject: Re: BF Comp T/A VR4

>Hi Andrew,
>Although this works on snow, I've just found out it doesn't work on icy
>'cause my Audi just slide right into the ditch on I-65 this morning.
>It is still there waiting for da tow truck. Oh my god, I wish I had a
>sorry for the bw
>P.S I found a compay on the web that still selling BFG Comp T/A VR4
>The url is http://www.courybuick.com/bf_tavr4.htm You guys may want to give
>them a call.
>>And Albert Ng chimed in with:
>> I have D60a2 on my 5kcst too. I found that it helps the snow traction a
>> little bit by increasing the tire pressure. Right now, I am running 37psi
>> all four conners. Anyhow, it may just be a placebo effect. Any comment??
>I have run a couple of sets of D60A2s, and can comment here.
>Albert is right. Bumping the pressure has a DRAMATIC effect on
>handling, wet, dry, and snowy. I run about 38 or so, find it
>works best.
>But Dave was basically right. The D60A2 are an "OK" tire, not great.
>When I switched two cars over to the Touring T/A, I saw a great
>improvement. The Comp T/A were even better, but I can't seem to
>find them any more :-(
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