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RE: Snow tires for 4000S

Say "hypothetically", that all I wanted was the best snow/ice traction to be
had and could swap back to my regular tires at will.  Would the 155's be
alright (I watch to much Speedvision and see those WRC cars with their
studded "bicycle" tires) or would the handling be comprised even in the

Thanks for you inputs.

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> Sent:	Wednesday, January 13, 1999 3:04 PM
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> Subject:	Re: Snow tires for 4000S
> David,
> > I have a 4000S with the standard 185/60-14 (100mm bolt pattern) tires
> and
> > was wondering if anyone has tried something like using 13" VW rims with
> > narrow 155/80-13 snow tires.  Or if this is crazy, what would be the
> best
> > combination and model tire to use.  I probably really don't need them
> here
> > in Indianapolis, but I'm curious what I could get if I really wanted
> snow
> > tires.
> Don't go that small.  Go with the 175/70-13s for snows.  I have even tried
> this size on my Coupe for snows.  It can't be beat in unplowed snow.  You
> won't bend the 14" alloy wheels on the spring potholes either.  That was
> the biggest reason I went with that size for snows.  The 185/60-14 does
> give better performance on pavement.
> For 13" rims, try to get 5.5" width.  5" will work and will be more
> readily
> available.
> Don Hoefer
> '82 Coupe
> Massachusetts, USA